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A war is on the horizon. A war that will change everything. This is the calm before the storm, a time for preparation and strategy. Choose your side and get ready to shape the future of a world on the brink of destruction – or suffer a coward’s fate on the sidelines.

This is your call to arms. Pre-register now and add your voice to our social channels to take your rightful place among the Tyrant Legions.

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Pre-registering means you'll be first to know when Dawn of the Tyrant: Chapter I goes live. Be the first to receive the latest news and updates – plus get a first look at exciting new additions and access to exclusive content.

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Plus explore the artwork behind the game on Flickr and take a first look at gameplay and the latest game content on YouTube.

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Keep track of the game’s ongoing progress, see what we’re working on right now and count down until launch day.

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Dawn of the Tyrant is a social RPG that puts the story firmly into hands of players. Learn how you can take part.

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For further information, media enquiries or just to say hello, send an email to [email protected]

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Image credits: Unending Hatred, Honour, The War in Heaven, Demonic Attack, The Blood Shrine, Lánaraï & Kheïtanni artwork by Tugsbayar Jamts; The Pillars of Heaven, Jehanaïkharóth, The Temple of the Moon & Evermoon Crag artwork by Eren Arik; Item & Ability icons by Andressa Comar Seixas.

Thank you to everyone whose hard work has helped make this project possible.

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